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Mubera Missini LifeCoach interview with translation

Do you have a life coach?


Have you ever been to a person who will remind you WHO YOU ARE?

If you have a life coach it is good for you. If you don’t have it is also good for you. In the first case you will lift up your  consciousness and you will pass the life smoothly. In the second case you have to be awaken by shocks. What do you prefer?

What’s your IQ? With the intelligence quotient is measuring  cognitive functions such as vocabulary, information for facts,short term memory, verbal reasoning and the ability to learn new relationships.

There are  others  besides IQ that determine success in the major tasks of life. It is discovered more than thirteen  which relate to success in life and had developed a highly valid and reliable way to measure them.  These areas are Emotional Energy, Stress, optimism,  Self esteem, Commitment to Work, Attention to Detail, Desire for change, Courage, Self-direction, Assertiveness, , Tolerance, Consideration for Others and Sociability. Soooo, do you need a life coach?

Maybe, we have a lack of knowledge by the general public  about  life coaching, but it is right time to be aware of it. Life coaching with its subtitle Mental Fitness is researching and improving   our emotional  and mental  bodies. It is so important for our everyday life, it is related to brain functions and when we change our vibrations, we are attracting more well beings.

I will address some vital areas:

Without proper life coaching, we cannot know which areas need improvement, which are compatible with others and which are not. We must know the state or condition of something  before we can suggest what needs to be done for improvement. There is a need to teach how to relate to others  based on life coaching, how to develop Mental Fitness and how to apply  knowledge of life coaching to the world or work. We will go with life coaching well beyond where others  have left off.

I will describe all of the characteristics involved in life coaching. I will demonstrate many examples and we will discuss in detail how to repair the fourth lower bodies: the  physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body.

For the physical body we will discuss about raw food, about chakras, about minerals, about feng shui,

about homeopathy  and  geophatic  stress. For the emotional body we will discuss about Bach flower remedies, about emotional  intelligence, non-violence communication, about energy of love, EFT techniques and  the heart of the soul.

For the mental body we will learn for  mental fitness, transurfing, mayans’ calendar, brain games, wheels of life and creating sacred spaces. And for spiritual body we will learn about reconnective healing,  about  remote energy transfer , about spiritual yoga, the pineal gland, about light workers and about The Knowledge Book.

I am taking you to a journey with one way ticket. If you step on, you will enjoy life like you have never taste it before.

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